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 Allan Dinesen
Allan Dinesen
Vice President, Supply Chain
Orifarm A/S
 Jesper Kervin Franke
Jesper Kervin Franke
Group Manager
GS1 Denmark
 Peter Mardov-Egvang
Peter Mardov-Egvang
Senior Regulatory Intelligence Manager
Novo Nordisk A/S (EFPIA Representative)
 Lars Rönnbäck
Lars Rönnbäck
Senior Business Advisor & Pharmaceutical Strategist
Apoteket AB
 Alan Bryan
Alan Bryan
Director, Integrated Solutions, WEMEA (Western Europe, Middle East, Africa)
World Courier

Driving down cost through supply chain optimisation and ensuring product quality and patient safety

How are you overcoming the challenges of running a supply chain in the Nordics?

The last few years have seen substantial change in the way that supply chains are run in the Nordic region. Three years ago, the de-regulation of the Swedish pharmacy market radically altered pharmaceutical supply chains and also threatened the role of traditional wholesalers within the supply chain.

Meanwhile the increase in parallel importing in Denmark has created challenges in both supply and sales forecasting for manufacturers, while leading to unpredictable costs.

Running a cold supply chain in Scandinavia had also proved to be a problem; with the harsh weather and geographical issues causing damage to products and making deliveries by road even more difficult.

So how can you overcome not only these challenges, but all the other issues that running a supply chain in the Nordic regions can cause?  How can you effectively run your supply chain in Scandinavia? What can you do to maintain security and traceability in your cold chain? What are you doing about the recent revisions to the EMA GDP guidelines?

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The Deregulation of the Swedish Pharmacy System: An UpdateThe Deregulation of the Swedish Pharmacy System: An Update
Looking at the deregulation of the Swedish Pharmacy system, Lars Rönnbäck, at Apoteket AB, Sweden’s biggest pharmacy group, quickly corrects me on the use of the word deregulation, he explains ‘the correct word to use, in a way is re-regulation, because we still have a lot of regulation in the market. It's not an entirely free market. I would say that there is no pharma market in Europe or elsewhere that is not surrounded by a number of regulations.’

2012_Video Infographic: Latest GDP Guidelines in the Nordic Region
Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is the part of quality assurance which ensures that products are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable condition as required by the marketing authorisation (MA) or product specification. There is no single global GDP standard. Cold Chain IQ has created this easy-to-assimilate summary of GDP requirements around the world, enabling you to navigate the landscape. You can keep it as a handy reference, share it around your colleagues or even stick it on your wall!

2012_VideoPharma Distribution Industry Survey
This study revealed that 37.5 per cent of pharma distribution professionals would place their current level of trust at the eight-out-of-ten mark. Only 4.2 per cent gave a perfect ten, while the lowest level of trust was four – also indicated by just 4.2 per cent of delegates. In total, 45.8 per cent of responses fell between the markers of five and seven, while the remaining 8.3 per cent offered a generous score of nine

You can find the answers, and perhaps even the solutions, to all of these questions and more at the upcoming Nordic Pharmaceutical Supply Chain event, running 18-19 June in Copenhagen!
Make sure you join some of the major stakeholders from companies like Orifarm, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and McNeil, who will be present to share best practice and case studies in our interactive forum where you will cover hot topics like:

To keep from missing out, why not register your place now?

We look forward to seeing you in June!

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